Castellane Cellars
57 rue de Verdun, 51200 Épernay Routeplanner
De Groene Gids

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mid Mar-mid Dec: 10am-11am, 2pm-5pm - shop 10am-noon, 2pm-5pm


As well as a guided tour of the 10km-long cellars, visitors can also explore the tower and museum. The exhibition in the tower highlights the history of the de Castellane family, including the famous collector Boni de Castellane. From a height of 60m, the view extends across Épernay and its vineyards. The Musée des Anciens Métiers du Champagne is mainly devoted to the evolution in champagne production, with displays showcasing barrel-making, the tending of the vines, the harvest and the pressing process. The museum also boasts an interesting collection of labels.


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