De Groene Gids

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10-13 y 17.30-20, vi 10-13, do 12-14. Cerrado sá


The road to Priene wends its way between fields of cotton and copses of oleander, with the occasional agricultural hamlet dotted here and there. Delightfully secluded, Priene is tucked away on the eroded flank of Mount Mykale, appearing spectacularly and without warning. The lack of visitors here comes as a welcome surprise. With nothing more than the background crescendo of crickets as your guide, you can explore the 4C BC Temple of Athena, recognisable by its Ionic columns, the well-preserved theatre, the houses of noble citizens, nestled beneath the pines, and an atypical bouleuterion (2C BC), where citizens would sit in council.


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  • De Groene Gids
    17.1 km - Milet

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