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De Groene Gids

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Outside the city walls, the street of Österlånggatan (and Västerlånggatan) formed the heart-shaped limits of the city. Today it's a pleasant shopping street, lined with potteries, clothes shops and galleries. At n° 51, Den Gyldene Freden (Golden Peace, opened in 1721 when Sweden signed a treaty with Russia) is the oldest and most famous tavern in Sweden. It has been a favourite drinking place for poets since the 18 C.


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  • 104 m - Skeppsbron, 11130 Stockholm
  • De Groene Gids
    126 m - Svartmangatan 16, 111 29 Stockholm
  • De Groene Gids
    171 m - Stortorget, 103 13 Stockholm

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